New World (2015)

"The New World" are three moving stories of three young people trying to find their place in a better world ... in Poland. Żanna ran off with her child from Belarus, a land plunged into chaos, leaving her husband - a well-known oppositionist. Azzam worked for the Polish army in Afghanistan as a translator, due to which he was considered a traitor. Now he's trying to cope with war trauma. Rejected by her family, Wiera had left Ukraine to begin a new life when suddenly her past started haunting her.


The film will premier at the Gdynia Film Festival in the main competition

Directed by: Elżbieta Benkowska (Żanna), Michał Wawrzecki (Azzam), Łukasz Ostalski (Wiera)

Written by: Monika Dembinska, Elżbieta Benkowska, Izabela Aleksandrowicz, Maksymilian Nowicki

Cinematography by: Sławomir Witek, Cezary Stolecki, Piotr Pawlus

Cast: Olga Kavalay-Aksyonova, Julian Świeżewski, Dariusz Majchrzak, Hassan Akkouch, Irena Melcer, Karina Minaeva, Żora Leszczenko, Stanislav Boklan