Where Eskimos Live (2001)

50-year old Sharkey is trafficking children. He smuggles orphans out from the war-torn Bosnia and sells them to Russian contractors. During one of his trips, he meets Vlado, a war orphan. To his own surprise, Sharkey befriends the boy. Their tiresome and dangerous journey from post-war Bosnia to Poland brings them closer together and changes Sharkey’s life.

Budget: 12 100 000 PLN / 2 800 000 EUR

Main Distinction:
Sundance Film Festival
World Cinema Competition

Directed by: Tomasz Wiszniewski

Written by: Robert Brutter, Tomasz Wiszniewski

Cinematography by: Aleksiej Rodionow

Cast: Bob Hoskins, Marcin Dorociński, Sergiusz Żymełka